Nancy's Building on North Avenue
View of the building in the early 2000s.
The Bathroom
A living room view of the bathroom area under construction in the early 1980s.
In 1982
How it looked in 1982.
A View in 2017
A living room view of the bathroom entry, 2017.
Bathroom in 2010
Nancy’s “favorite room”– the luxurious bath. Plants, hair stylist signs from the streets of Benin, Africa, Nancy’s own art and that of other artists filled this room.
Nancy's Books
Nancy was a bibliophile. At the time of her death, she owned approximately 4,000 books which she had divided between Chicago and Oaxaca. She read widely and deeply, often marking key passages and images with post-it notes in books on animal rights, art history, gender studies, feminism, Italian, Spanish, and poetry. Shwon here is one of the shelves of books in her library.
Building the Library
Shot of the library, 1981-82.
The Library in 2017
Autumn 2017 view of the library from Nancy’s living room. Her bedroom is at the top. The book shelves have been removed at this point.
A Second View
A second view of the library in 2017. All of the books have been removed.
The Living Room
Living room area in 2017.
The Studio in 1981
Studio in 1981-1982.
The Studio in 2017
Shown on the walls: North Avenue Disaster, Happy Holidays, and Mom and Pop. The goose light is featured in her work, Council of the Birds.
Exhibition Invite
Early Chicago group exhibition card, 1979, featuring Nancy’s work.
Humor in Art
A.R.C. exhibition catalogue cover, Humor in Art, 1981. Nancy was among a large group of artists challenging the “seriousness” of abstraction in art.
Rosenfeld Gallery Invite
Nancy’s first one woman exhibition at Betsy Rosenfeld Gallery, 1983. For the next decade and a half, she will use inflatables and gag props as a way of re-imaging traditional still life and self-portraiture.
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